Green from the get-go

All partner schools use the Chromebooks 1-2-1 scheme. Chromebooks are designed to be more energy efficient and environmentally friendly, requiring fewer resources to produce and less energy to power than many alternatives. Each student has their own Chromebook, which is used throughout every stage of their education

Refurb, repair and upcycle!

We always fix Chromebooks where possible, minimising carbon footprint through unnecessary disposal and saving money for parents and the school. We convert old Windows and Mac devices into Chromebooks to be reused by the school or donated for free to other clients. Old equipment thereby gets a new lease of life in less IT-demanding environments, the life-cycle of the tech is extended and waste is minimised

No device left behind

Excess equipment such as AV, iPads, spare monitors, keyboards and mice is distributed amongst Partnership members, minimising under-utilisation

Scheduled shutdown

All machines not required for essential usage are automatically switched off daily at 7:00pm to save energy. Other devices, such as AV and display screens are programmed to shut down at a designated time

Careful disposal

Disposal of all old IT equipment is free of charge to the client, through an accredited company with all necessary documentation

Rehoming equipment

We work with local communities, so equipment no longer fit for the school’s usage can still be used by students at home, again extending the life of devices that would otherwise be defunct

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